Different Types Of Boat Covers

Published: 21st September 2009
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Kinds of Boat Covers

There are several different kinds of boat covers, with some suitable for different types of boat: for instance bay liners, pontoons, sail boats, bass boats and so on. However, there are three types which are the most common and are covers which are compatible with thousands of the most popular models of boat. There are also specialty boat covers which are specifically designed for boats which have hardtops and T-towers, deck boats which have ski towers, V-hull boats and inflatable boats.

The three most common types of boat covers use the same quality of marine upholstery, featuring weather resistant anti-wick thread, four ply folded join seams, an absence of raw edges, tie down loops which have double reinforced sewing, braided tie down rope and a marine boat upholstery warranty.

There are premium custom covers which are available for every model of boat listed above, with these covers being rated as the best travel covers available. These covers are available in three different materials, all including elastic reinforced stress pads (for use with boat cover support poles) and sewn-in vinyl reinforcement tabs placed at seam points. All of these custom boat covers are constructed with a combination of vinyl and weatherproof 3 or 4 ply fabric to prevent leakage.

Styled to fit boat covers are a very popular lower-cost alternative to custom covers; these covers are compatible with a number of different models of boat. These covers are not custom designed for a specific boat, but instead are constructed for the brand and model of boat. Like custom covers, these are made with quality 3 or 4 ply fabric and vinyl material.

A basic version of the custom and styled to fit boat covers, Flex-fit covers are made using the same high quality materials as the other styles of boat covers, but are made for a loose fit - think of it as a slipcover for your boat. These are one-size-fits-most covers which are suited for a wide range of boats and are available in either vinyl or 2-ply weatherproof fabric.

There are also specialty covers. These are made for boats with features which ordinary marine boat upholstery cannot accommodate such as T-towers and ski towers. These boat covers include long tower slots to protect these towers, with hook and loop closures and reinforcement to provide reliable protection for your ski boat or deck boat's tower.

Tournament boats, V-hulls and boats with T-towers call for special covers which fit these different styles. Each of these covers are made with 8 oz performance poly guard, double reinforced bow areas to accommodate anchor rollers and bow pulpits and double zippered port and starboard entry for access. These boat covers include a heavy duty boat cover tie down kit, a self-adhesive boat cover reinforcement kit, two support poles and a rope ratchet.

A boat with a Custom Cover has the ability to weather the off-season through winter's snow ice and temperature variations and through storage, mold and other conditions and trailering. High quality marine boat upholstery outlasts time to keep your boat in tiptop shape through storage and ready for the next water outing.

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